2016 Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 Lincoln County Fair Winners!

2016 Queen – Jessica Hoelting
1st Runner Up - Kaylee Calvin
2nd Runner Up – Sara Rutherford
Miss Congeniality – Karissa Skibinski

Fair Parade Winners
Youth Grand Champion – Hawk Point Hawks
Youth Reserve Champion – Kountry Kids 4-H
Adult Grand Champion - Landmark Restaurant
Adult Reserve Champion – The Rest of the West Family 

Master Showmanship - Lexi Plackemeier

Grand Champion – Kacey Willimas
Reserve Grand Champion – Karlie Ellis

Friend of the Barn:  Jack Nordmann

Grand Champion:  Riley Walton
Reserve Champion:  Allison Schneider

Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion:  Tinleigh Spoonster

Grand Champion:  Tate Bruns
Reserve Grand Champion:  Lexi Plackemeier

Grand Champion:  Macey Braungardt
Reserve Grand Champion:  Brittany Nensal

Ag Mechanics Awards

Grand Champion-
Reserve Champion-

Market Steers

  • Grand Champion- Tate Bruns
  • Reserve Champion- Lexi Plackmeier
  • Rate of Gain- Logan Shaw
  • Champion Showman 13 and under- Lexi Plackmeier
  • Reserve Champion Showman 13 and under- Kyle Dameron
  • Champion Showman 14 and over-Caleb Hudson
  • Reserve Champion 14 and over- Taylor Eisenbath

Market Hogs

  • Champion Production Hog: 
  • Reserve Champion Production Hog: 
  • Champion on Foot: 
  • Reserve Champion on Foot:  
  • Champion Rate of Gain:
  • Champion Showman 13 and under: 
  • Champion Showman 14 and over: 
  • Friend of the Barn Award: 
  • Robbie Dameron Memorial Master Showmanship Award:

Market Lambs

  • Grand Champion Market Lamb: 
  • Reserve Champion Lamb:
  • Rate of Gain: 
  • Champion Showmanship 13 and under: 
  • Reserve Champion 13 and under: 
  • Champion Showmanship 14 and over: 
  • Reserve Champion 14 and over: 
  • The Herdsman Award for 13 and under: 
  • The Herdsman Award for 14 and over: 


  • Market Class Grand Champion Meat Pen:  Macey Braungardt, Troy FFA
  • Market Class Reserve Champion Meat Pen:  Brittany Nensal, Troy FFA
  • Breeding Classes
  • Sr. Buck First in Class:  Rachael Love
  • Sr. Doe First in Class:  Rachael Love
  • 6-8 Intermediate Buck:  Brittany Nensal
  • 6-8 Intermediate Doe:  Cauy Clarke
  • Jr. Buck:  Logan Ell
  • Jr. Doe:  Hayley Cox
  • Best in Show:  Rachael Love, Troy FFA
  • Best Opposite:  Brittany Nensal, Troy FFA
  • Senior Showmanship:  Kathreen Daniels, Troy FFA
  • Jr. Showmanship:  Logan Ell, Moscow Mills Willing Workers


  • Champion Large Fowl: 
  • Reserve Champion Large Fowl: 
  • Grand Champion Market Chicken: 
  • Reserve Champion Market Chicken: 
  • Champion Bantam: 
  • Reserve Champion Bantam: 
  • Champion Eggs: 
  • Reserve Champion Eggs: 
  • Showmanship 13 and under: 
  • Showmanship 14 and over: