Lincoln County, MO Fair

JULY 13-17, 2021


Saturday - July 7, 2018
7:00 pm

Bonfils Auditorium

Is your child outgoing? Does he/she love the fair?
Introducing the Inaugural Little Mister and Little Miss Lincoln County Fair!
Application Deadline: June 22nd, 2018
The following information must be postmarked by June 22nd, or received at the Lincoln County Extension Center BEFORE closing on June 22nd. DO
NOT leave any applications in the Extension Office after hours mailbox.

HELD JULY 7 at Bonfils Auditorium.

Official Pageant Information/Documents
1. Contestant must be a resident of Lincoln County and have reached the ages of 4 or 5
years old by January 1st of 2018.
2. Pageant is limited to the first 10 contestants of each gender which turn in correct
paperwork and entry fee by June 22nd, 2018 .1. Little Mister and Miss Entry Form/ Parental Consent form

–  Master of Ceremonies Information Sheet
– $15 entry fee. *Please make checks payable to Lincoln County Fair, Inc.*
Remember, the pageant is limited to the first 10 contestants of each gender who turn in
the correctly completed paperwork!
Mail entries to:
Little Mr./Miss Entry
Lincoln County Extension
880 West College
Troy, MO. 63379
Please direct any questions and/or concerns about the Little Mister and Little Miss
Pageant to:
Jessica Hoelting                  Brandelyn Martin
(636) 357-6801                     (636)577-5474

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