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The longevity of the Lincoln County Fair could not be possible without the countless volunteers that make it happen. Each year, the Fair Board names a “Friend of the Fair” acknowledging the contributions of time and talent. It is our honor to name Kathy Allen the 2023 Friend of the Fair!

Kathy says “For as long as I can remember, I have gone to the Lincoln County Fair. As a child, Mom and Dad would load five girls up and head to the county fair. At that time, it was held in the city limits at the Troy City Park. In the beginning years I looked forward to being old enough to join 4-H, show a steer, and participate in the Foods and Clothing group within our local chapter. My parents saw that I was involved in all that I could be. I have extremely fond memories of baking and sewing with my mom and spending countless hourswith Dad breaking a steer. I later went on to become a fair queen candidate my senior year of high school. I recall as a teenager and young adult, the fair was a great place to congregate and catch up during the summer.”

“In 1982, Nick became the Lincoln County Fair Chairman. That same year I started my volunteer work in the food stand. I recall it was a concrete building behind the track and miserably hot! Nick chose Jerry Fox as his co-chairman and this is when the conversations started to evolve that it was time to find property to become an independent fair. Property was located and purchased which is now the current home to the annual Lincoln County Fair. Nick and I were proud to be a part of that progress within our community. Mary Ann Fox and I went on to work and lead the food stand for several more years until we stepped down and moved to the Information Booth which I currently still lead and maintain each year at the Fair.”

“I have watched countless volunteers over the years working to continue to improve the fair, more land has been purchased with upgrades to the property each year. I am very proud to still be a part of such a great community involvement.”

Congratulations, Kathy! Thank you for all you, and Nick, have done and continue to do for the Lincoln County Fair!!