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Celebrate the official start of the Lincoln County Fair with the Parade on Sunday, July 7 at 5 pm!  

General Parade Questions: Call or Text Megan at (314) 540-0088
– Judged Float Questions: Call Chamber at (636) 462-8769

2024 Lincoln County Fair Parade Entry Form
2024 Lincoln County Fair Parade FAQ
2024 Lincoln County Fair Parade Staging Map


Route: The parade will START at Troy Buchanan High School. The route will go West on Old Cap Au Gris, West on Monroe Street through Fairgrounds Park, North on Main Street, West on College Street, and the parade will END at Troy Middle School.

Entry Details: Judged floats must return completed attached entry form by July 1st. General entries DO NOT need to complete a form and will not be judged. Semis and Political entries must arrive by 4:00pm on the day of parade and must call or text Megan at 314-540-0088 that you will be participating. Walkers can join closer to start time, but the vehicle needs to be present by 4:00pm.


  1. City Ordinances should be followed, specifically no items being thrown to spectators during the parade, including candy. Those wishing to distribute items must have persons walking to hand out items.
  2. Participants and spectators must obey directions from City and/or County Police Officers.
  3. Parade route ends at Troy Middle School so please coordinate pick-up and drop-off at the Middle School. Individuals are not allowed to ride onfloats while being towed outside of parade route including through town or on Hwy. 47 or 61. Outside of the parade route, drivers and motorcyclist musthave a license and be insured.
  4. The parade officials REQUIRE those entering horses provide clean-up crew or have horses wear a catch apparatus. If clean-up crew or catchapparatus is not provided, then horse entries will be put at the end of the parade line-up (for horses at the end of the route.
    please keep your horses in the shade and watered until the final parade entries are lined-up, around 6 pm and then come up to line-up area)
  5. Business and Political entries are limited to two units. A unit is described as any motorized or horse drawn conveyance. A pull vehicle and connected trailer are considered one unit.
  6. Bikes and motorcycles must not be operated recklessly and must stay within parade parameter by not driving close to the crow. d.
  7. If entries/vehicles would like to go through parade route together, entries/vehicles must arrive together.
  8. Parade entries must be dressed and act in a family friendly, G-Rated, manner.
  9. Animals must be constrained and kept on float at all times during parade route.General Parade Questions: Call or Text Megan at (314) 540-0088 – Judged Float Questions: Call Chamber at (636) 462-8769